I like when a shy artist asks:
“-Should I? Should I endeavor into showing my tiny creations?”

This is my answer, if I believe in this person’s talent, and whether or not they are professionally engaged in this art and/or… make money from it:

“Are you kidding me? You do not own your talent. Nature handed you this gift, and you would cheapen me from it? How ungrateful?! The world needs your art. How many years have you meshed, in hiding, your innate talent to hard – learned technique? You satisfy your own psyche through this fully passionate, authentic, vulnerable and dexter expression. You create pleasure in your audience with your art. You create dreams with your art. Until your piece is released, it is not real. Upon its freeing to the world, it becomes a miracle, per definition: something unimaginable taking birth. That is what I love about art. It expands reality. Science can only attempts to describe it.

What was your question again?”

We all know a few mad creators around us, whose voice suddenly charmed us:
“-How long did you plan to hide this one away from me?!”
Go and send them this wake-up link, read it to them… Or… to yourself?