I recommend to a lot of my people to taste the magical restoring power of silence and stillness. Allowing our mind to rest is KEY.
Observing how we develop, very young, the habits to tighten some of our muscles asymmetrically. So much so that you become the tale of your hurts, shame, fears, etc. A history map if you will. To a person like me, you are giving is all away… And guess what? To a person like you, everybody is giving it all away. We all have a “read” of one another. The more you know, love and free yourself, the more that read is accurate. The least you know, love and free yourself, the higher risks of protection onto others of matters unsettled in you.
You in a comfortable sitting position is the iron and ironing board of those squewing body and mind tensions.

So for me, meditation is no esoteric process: it is just an occasion to relax the muscles of your body and mind, and giving authorization to your soul to be, unmasked, allowed, at peace. Can’t sit cross-legged? Sit on a comfortable chair, hands cupping your knees… While you immerse yourself in visualizing the flame of a candle far ahead of you, relax your muscles slowly and delightfully, head to toes. Thoughts pop up? Be proud! you are alive and awake, thinking is what the mind does. Simply and gently welcome the thoughts to leave you like bubbles irreversibly¬†dissipating at the surface of an imaginary ocean above you, or let the ambiant air draft your thoughts through the windows.¬† With love, get back to the vision of the flickering flame, relaxing your muscles orgamicaly, without the spark of a¬† judgements.
Soon, sitting in your favorite position with the clear intent to withdraw into peace will be enough for your entire commend system to trust and take a break. An intensely recharging break.

Oh! When can you find the time? Do it in on your toilet bowl. 2 minutes per day may not just be a start It may indeed change your life.